station antenna

The HF antenna's are dipoles for 20m/40m all the antenna's are erected as shown in the photo. The antenna's run along the top of the wall and run down the wall at opposite ends and along the skirting board. The 40m dipole is almost like a folded dipole the space between the tips of the elements along the skirting board is around a 2.5 metres All the dipoles are made from 15A figure 8 power cable.

The dipoles use the same feeder through a 1:1 balun one half of the figure of 8 power cable is cut for 20m and the other for 40m. The SWR on the dipoles is < 1.5:1. I found the bends in the dipoles and mounting them on the wall shortend there length to around 65% of the calculated. The noise floor on 40m is at best S5/6 on all other bands above 40m it gets better on 10m its aroiund S2/3.

The antenna's are tuned against a set of 4 counterpoises to cover the bands from 6m to 40m The antennas can be used on all bands between 6m and 40m with the MFJ949E ATU.

VHF/UHF station antenna's


Using either a halo or a halfwave dipole at 45deg accoss my kitchen window.


Using either a 5/8 whip mounted on a biscuit tin or a 5 element beam mounted on a portable mast in my kitchen.


Using a 10 element beam which is mounted on the portable mast when required


Using a log periodic which is also mounted on the portable mast when required.