Station 06012020

Location Information

QTH Avery Hill SE London

Latitude 51.447841

Longitude 0.084195 

Locator JO01BK

CQ Zone 14

DXCC Zone 223

IOTA EU-005 Great Britain

ITU Zone 27


Station Information

Asus ET223 i3 all in one PC Windows 10. HRD Logging and DM780 Digital modes.

ICOM IC751 100W 160m to 10m Standby Radio.

Yeasu FTDX101D 100W HF 50MHz/70MHz has built in ATU but I still use my MFJ 969. The FTDX101D ATU works without any problem I just like control over my ATU.

ATU MFJ969 160m to 10m also able to tune 6m

Antenna 1 10m dipole center element in the vertical plane hanging from a curtain rail. Outer element is in the horizontal plan stapled to the skerting board.

Antenna 2/3 20m/40m dipole's stapled across the top of a 5m long wall each element is then taken down the wall with a 90bend and stapled to the wall. 40m dipole is then bent 90o and stapled to the skerting board.

Both antenna are tuned against a series of counterpoise. Using these antenna's I am able to work 10m through to 40m from my first floor flat.

4m 1/2 wave vertical dipole in my kitchen.

VHF/UHF X-50 2m/70cm mounted in a rotor for support and sitting in my bath. 2nd 2m antenna is a home brew 1/4 wave sitting on the corner of my desk near the window.

QSL Information

I am setup to automatically QSL via eQSL. I can also use the Bruro or QSL direct if requested.